The Story of Korgi

Korgi is a web-based application ("web app") that lets you create, manage and share all the files, tasks, links and more you need to succeed - from a single, beautiful, actionable board.

Korgi was created to allow users to easily manage spreadsheet data like index cards or sticky notes on a virtual board. Users found the cards easy to use and intuitive and repeatedly asked for more ways for them to work within Korgi and "never leave the board." Now, Korgi is a singular solution that final defeats the "toggle tax" that had so many of us jumping between hundreds of tabs, devices and apps every day. Start your day in Korgi, create the docs you need from any card, send browser tabs and research instantly back to your board with the Korgi Clipper and even turn your organized cards into a brand new document. You can share any board and collaborate in real time with team members.

Our mission at Korgi is to make it simple, fun and possible to organize your life. There's no steep learning curve, frustration-filled forums, or hour-long videos to get started. You don't need instructions to edit and move cards or create files - but we're there to help you figure out how to approach getting organized in the first place. Korgi's templates are pre-populated boards with links, files and clear steps to complete projects so you can get a quick, easy and powerful headstart getting things done.

We think you're going to love starting and managing every day with a beautiful board you can access on any device. Korgi is a goal's best friend!

DMA Anderson — Founder, Korgi

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